Final Degree Show

A deep interest in and concern for the fragility of the human condition and its impact on the environment within the contemporary world is what drives me to want to make art.  I am interested in this at all levels - global, national, community and  at individual level.  Interwoven into my art is my own experience of what it is to be 'human' and to have an awareness of one's own mortality.

 In my final degree show I exhibited a range of sculptural works that explore fundamental changes in the way in which we now live, our global connectivity and our increasing reliance on the internet and social media and our access and exposure to unquantifiable advantages, disadvantages and threat.

The global nature of our world both connects and distances, equalises and disadvantages, clarifies and confuses, informs and misinforms, increases security and opens up vulnerabilities.  Much of my work in the show specifically explored these contradictory parallels of our current contemporaneity.

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