About Me

 My art practice generally revolves around issues of cultural identity, memory and the circularity of life, with a focus on the fragility of the human condition within the current social, political and geographical landscape.

I select the mediums and processes that suit the subject, context or atmosphere I am seeking to express.  Sometimes this will encompass traditional materials and processes such as printing or paint, at other times I will select non-traditional materials and methodologies.

My inspiration comes from many directions, I look for traces in the past that affect us in the present and often turn to news items for what concerns us today compared to events of the past, or literature, as insightful commentary on who we are today or have been in the past. 

In my painting practice I draw upon landscapes familiar to me;  I work from a range of visual memories, normally with a narrative in mind.  The constant challenge is how to describe my narrative in the simplest of terms. How much stripping away can be done yet still leave content, a story, a shared experience with others but with room for a viewer to interpret it in their own individual way; this is my primary concern. 

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  1. Kelly Paige avatar
    Kelly Paige Feb 28, 2013

    Hi Jane
    Your paintings are really beautiful. The use of colour in your painting is lovely.

    Kelly x